October 11, 2009

Conversation with Characitures

Episode 04: War

Myself: Sorry for the absence last week, but Episode 3 was deemed too controversial for its Religious based discussion, and a lot of swearing, A LOT of swearing. But we’re back this week talking about War, and what it’s good for. And if anyone makes that obvious joke, I will hit you.


M: I mean it!

{clearing throat}

M: Now, as always we have our very argumentative team of Conservative and Liberal. Now, since we went with Conservative last week, and that didn’t air, it’s only fair he gets a chance to lead off this time.

Liberal: How’s that fair? We agreed him, me, him, me.

Conservative: Can you stop whining.

M: Both of you. I’m in charge, so shut it, this will go smoothly this time. Now, Conservative.

C: Well, as we know War is the first option. It shows might, determination. It places our giant military before the other’s and shows them just how big we are.


L: By military do you mean [expletive deleted].

M: Hey now, we agreed last time not to do that.

L: But, how can I not? It’s just sitting there. Like a giant [expletive deleted] and [expletive deleted].

M: Now you’re just being gratuitous.

L: It’s called free speech.

M: That only protects against the government. Since I’m not the government I can censor your [expletive deleted] all I like.

L: There, you just did it!

M: I’m the host, I can do as I [expletive deleted] well please.

L: Whatever.

M: You’ve been strangely quite Conservative.


M: And that’s why...


{clearing throat}

M: Fine, you’re turn.

L: War is abhorrent. Should never happen. Never has it ever been justified. You can’t name me once where fighting was the only solution.

C: Dubya Dubya Two Commie.

M: Do you wake up just to argue?

L: Please, that’s a stock response.

C: It is not. There was no other way to stop Hitler and save those lives. That is if you’re one of those who thinks he was really killing all those people.

M: That is a strange 180 for the sake of a bad stereo type.

C: Hey, don’t question my methods!

M: Whatever. It’s not my [expletive deleted] who’s being stereo typed.

C: And of course the Civil war. The only way for the south to have ever made their own country was to fight against that pinko commie Lincoln.

L: The south lost.

C: So those commie text books say so, but I know better.

M: Can you stop saying commie. It’s embarrassing. Anyway, that’s all the time we have, come again next time.

June 24, 2009


Holy crap!
for those who know me, and since this is the interenet, none of you should, I'm in college, studying to be a programmer.
currently, I'm working on a text-based adventure(think Zork). And really, I'm looking for people willing to Beta it, and give me feedback on what's going on, and all that such. I'll have more information in a few days as I get enough of the game, like two or three paces from the intro screen.

June 13, 2009


So...I've not done this for a while...so...sorry.
But I promise to be comin back...honest. I just...dunno.
So, I'm starting a new series of postings called ~Build a Puzzle~ It'll be like watching paint dry...but with PUZZLES!
Cause I can...that's why.
But basically I'm going ot be doing a puzzle, and putting up pics of progress...maybe even the pieces...to do whatever...I dunno...
I'm just trying to keep sane.

April 3, 2009


It explains a lot about me, and my beliefs.

Uh...didn't work how I thought...but...just click the image to see the whole thing...I'd fix it, but I'm at work...and lazy.

February 19, 2009

Fan Boys

It may not surprise some of you that I am a geek. I spend my time playing video games, watching TV and movies, writing random pointless things on blogs like people actually want to read it, and of course, roaming internet sites, and talking with millions of anonymous people about B.S.

And through my travels as an internet watcher, I’ve found something called Fan Boys. Now true girls do fall into this category, but frankly, guys out number them 1 out of 10. And as I watched these Fan Boys, I’ve come to identify two sub groups. The Apologetics, and The Haters.

The Apologetics are Fan Boys so blinded by the Fanaticism of something they can’t see its faults. This usually leads to long reaching convoluted explanations about why someone has done this, or why this had to happen and not that. They’re also very angry, of course, so are The Haters, but I’ll get to that in a moment. They often will attack Apologetics of something they deem inferior(anything that they aren’t Fanatic about). Mean hateful things will be said, and often times Apologetics will apply the same twisted logic to support their product and trying to demean their opponents.

The Haters. A much more complex Fan Boy subgroup. Can easily be confused for Apologetics, for their extreme anger, and just as weird logic. Most of the time though their anger is directed to the thing the often claim to love, and in the past have shown affection for. Often The Haters will have far to high expectations of a product, and whenever it fails to meet these expectations (Always), they crap all over it.

Of Course we know what to do about Fan Boys, right? We ignore them. There is no reasoning with a Fan Boy. They’re like Trolls, except they believe the B.S. they’re saying. And for your enjoyment, a list of known Fan Boys.

Known Fan Boys:

The Apologetics:
Sean Hannity
Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck
Joe Scarborough
Pat Buchannan
Bill O’Reilly
Lou Dobbs
Geraldo Rivera
Dennis Miller
Ann Coulter

The Haters:
Joe Lieberman

February 13, 2009

In a way...this is bull****

Since in general I've lot all but a passing interest in the government, and how it works, and of course, who's nailing which intern in which broom closet.
But even I in my total lack of giving a damn have noticed this weird coalition of the willing...to do nothing.
A majority of Republicans (all except three) have decided their time is better spent jacking each other off than actually getting work done. Each continues to pontificate on national television saying how wrong the bill is. How there isn't enough this and too much of that. One even found away of being a hypocrite in a single sentence, saying that there is too much spending in the bill, and saying that they should have kept his amendment which would "enhance" the military budget. Now, he's not an idiot, he was smart enough to use "enhance" to mean, "give it more money".
Of course you also have people yelling "SPENDING BILL" and the president has said, "Well, duh." And since there is almost no shame attached to it with the president, why do they keep screaming it? because they think the people of the country don't know the difference and just get pissing over "SPENDING!"
And there's more! Several Senators, even a really old one, has said that the president has refused to be bi-partisan on the bill. Now...What are they smoking, and where can I get some? The president has gone to visit them several times, invited them over to the white house several times. He has tried to have the billed changed to appease them. So...who doesn't call that bi-partisan? Political posturing ***wipes who want to control everything.
Deep breath...There's still more.
Recent random bull**** thing they're saying is that the president doesn't support the bill because....wait for it...he didn't author the bill himself. HA HA! well it's true, he didn't author the bill. And good for him, cause if he did, the bill would be illegal, and he could get thrown out of office for it. See, fun fact about our government, the president doesn't write bills, or laws. Congress does. So this non-point of el Presidente not writing the bill is well...a non-point.

In a way, this is all just bull****. of course, in many ways it is. Infact, in all ways it's Bull.

So what should you do? Well, I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm just here to bitch.

January 28, 2009

Words that Suck

Well, okay, phrases that suck. This is one of those tired lists of random shit that everyone stopped caring about the moment they got annoying. Which surprisingly is just about immediately after they are uttered. This is a growing list...so I'll probably post it again, or make a widgetie thing...maybe...Of course I will provide why they suck...and why anyone who utters them should be thrown out.

"Big (blank)" - Insert huge amorphous being here. Anything from Big Oil, to Big Banks, to Big Three, to Big Science (Ohhh yes I have seen that uttered). If you have to call it big, then you're most likely retarded. You've bestowed way to much power upon these entities and have proven to us all you have no idea what you're talking about, or even what is going on in the real world.

"Drinking the Kool-aid" - This phrase really makes no sense. Two ways this comes in. One referring to the mass suicide in Jonestown, the other referring to the Merry Pranksters, which handed out LCD laced Kool-aid. I challenge you to figure out which this is referring to, because I sure as hell don't. That in and of itself is reason why this phrase should never be thought again, it gets even better.
It is used as a blanket retort against an opposition. Instead of creating viable arguments, that can be discussed, one side calls the other "Kool-aid drinkers", essentially dismissing them as wide-eyed fanatics, and walks away. If your side is reduced to calling the other side wide-eyed fanatics, you probably should be looking in a mirror.

Obama words - I like our president I do. But Obamacans(cins?), Republicans supporting Obama, was a stupid thing to say, or even come up with. I'd let that slide, and just be happy. but now...jesus. Obamabots, Nobama, Obamassiah...Frankly it's stupid. Yes we are all proud that you can make someone's name into something else and be slightly clever. Yay. But this has gotten out of hand. It's stupid. Stop it. NO ONE CARES! Okay...so I have no reason to outlaw this...I just hate it.

Lists - Okay...not words, but collection of words/phrases. Why does everyone think we care about the top ten this or that. And I know the hypocrisy of what I'm doing, and I don't give a crap. I'm a hypocrite...so sue me. But that's not the point. Lists are showing up all over the place. top ten things to bring to a party. top ten things you shouldn't do at a party. top ten things you should serve at a party. Next it'll be top ten ways to kill a man and not get caught.

That's all I've really got at the moment..I'm a little drunk...HUNGOVER...and can't think straight. But please, do feel free to post other words or phrases that should never be uttered again