December 18, 2008

Japanese Lesson 1

Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog...Lessons!
Since I'm trying to learn Japanese, I thought it would help to start teaching it as well.
I'm going to start off simple and put up ten words and give their romaji and then the Kana.
Well...since i can't find audio files i need for most of these things...and any fancy dictionary'll have to live for now with my pitiful attempt to sound out each word.
On that note, r's are made with a kind of half r/l sound, hard to explain...listen to the "arigatou" clip to hear it.

good - ii - いい "e"
bad - dame - だめ "dah-may"
yes - hai - はい
no - iie - いいえ
hello - konnichiwa - こんにちは "co-knee-chi-wah"
good-bye - sayounara - さようなら "saw-yo-nah-ra"
this - kore - これ "co-ray"
that - sore - それ "so-ray"
thank you - arigatou - ありがとう
I (formal) - watashi - わたし "wah-tah-shi"

Not much at the moment, I have a few...worksheets...cheat sheets...and even tests (as well as homework). Also since not everyone can read the Japanese characters, please post a comment in this post about that, and I'll see what i can do.