October 25, 2008

Why Third Party Candidates suck!

Random's Thesis statement why Third Party Candidates should just crawl into a hole and DIE!

How many people here can name the last Time a "Third" Party candidate one the office of the Presidency? Well, Abraham Lincoln of the very young Republican Party. It was easier back then, you could go from town to town and talk with the people, show them your message.

Now, since so many people rely on the media, or other sources of information to learn about candidates and news on the candidates, it becomes harder to get your message out. Those Bat shit insane people who got enough signatures to be on the ballot will spend 6 weeks to 6 months bitching and moaning about how they can't get on debates, or get any media coverage. I mean, these people actually think that if people saw them up against the two "Main" parties, they'd win.

Ralph Nader is a perfect example. Everyone remembers him, right? The one who took votes from Gore so Bush could win? Well, Egotist Nader is running for President, once again. Again bitching how he can't get on the debates, never realizing he sounds like he's batshit insane. Also, he thinks the people would love him, despite most know him as one of the reasons we're in this hell hole of the last eight years.

So, back away from my rant on Nader, and Third Party candidates being insane. They complain about not being able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make it to presidency. Their supporters are just as freakish and annoying.
Here's an example:
So, Connecticut joins Maine, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Louisiana as states that would rather perpetuate the two-party system, instead of allowing free and fair elections.

This is a response to a federal judge saying you can't force yourself onto a ballot. That seems to make sense to me, seems you should file everything properly and go by the rules, instead of demanding entitlement. But I am just a humble observer.

You want my solution to the bitching in moaning of these people? start small, build your party up. Get a grass roots thing going. Have the party win county or state seats, have them become known to the people. (who'd of thunk it, that maybe you should be known to the people, not the media, huh?) then move a little higher, get a house seat or two, in a state that knows your party, likes your party. Show you're not just the same as the two parties in power. Then slowly infect the states around it, move out, get your brand out there. Note, this will take years, and decades, but hey, maybe it'll be more productive then bitching and moaning about the media.

Then you, the third party wanna be president. Get YOUR face out there, 4+ years before you plan to run. become a congressman, or a governor. Appear on the talking heads, on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, others i've forgotten. The people will start to know who you are, recognize you, like you. Than, you come out as the Alternative to whoever's running. Hopefully in a year where it's a lesser of two evils kind of thing. (if you were smart, you'd have started all this in the mid nineties, and by the time of 2004, you might just be in the White House).

But...The third parties aren't that smart. They believe in trickle down politics. They believe in jumping on top of the building, instead of building a ladder.

That is why i hate Third Parties, and why every time i hear one of their supporters, or the candidates themselves bitch and moan. They complain about it not being fair, but don't try and change the system, or even think of different ways to do things. They just sit, and moan, and think anyone who doesn't believe in what they're doing are perpetuating an injustice.

In the end, Third Parties don't have the drive, or the balls to change anything. They just want attention. They want people to look at them. It's sad. And i beg of everyone, until a third party changes it's way of thinking, or it's strategy to the white house, don't pay attention. Maybe they'll learn

October 22, 2008

Zacharia (2.0)

Warning: Currently a second rewrite of a story posted within the last 12 hours, please read this version. Same warning applies, graphic content, weird shit, and general fucked-upness

Zacharia Kirkland slowly moved along the fragmented stone walkway. Each step made a soft click from the hard rubber sole of his shoes. He reached the double doors leading into the home. The doors themselves were more ornamental than practical, each adorned with large windows, with colored opaque glass. Gently he shifted his wait and passed the case from his right hand to his left.
He felt his hands start to sweat in the rubber gloves as he reached forward and slowly turned the doorknob. A soft click came from inside the door and Zacharia pushed the door open.
To his right, the passage led to the living room. It had a large ornamental rug, and two large chairs that faced towards a fire place. A couch sat against the far wall, with a large painting above it. He turned his head to the passage towards him that passed by an alcove containing a bookshelf.
Zacharia carefully stepped along the tile, doing his best not to make noise. He made his way through the maze of furniture and excess to reach a back bedroom. The door pushed open silently and a large bed sat in the middle of the room with a man sleeping on his back.
He moved to a nightstand and carefully removed the things on top of the stand, before laying down the case. He lifted the latches, taking his time, making as little noise as possible.
First he removed a small pistol. It wasn’t loaded, but it didn’t need to be. Than he removed a small pack of extra long zip ties, followed by a long piece of cloth. Finally an even smaller case, made of wood and initials carved into it.
Zacharia looked over to the sleeping man and sighed softly. He scanned the room, looking for the best advantage. He gently picked up the cloth from the nightstand and stood over the sleeping man. With his free hand he reached forward and opened the man’s mouth, than lifting his hand, so he could wrap the cloth around the sleeping man’s head, creating a gag.
He left the man’s head go. A soft grunt came from the man, but he didn’t wake up. Zacharia stood over him for a moment before bringing his hand up and backhanding the man. A muffled cry came as he woke up startled by the sudden attack.
“Good…” Zacharia said softly. The man tried to move away, scrambling across the bed. “I wouldn’t…” He gestured to the gun on the table passively, making sure the man saw it. “I think I could fire a shot before you’d get to a door or window.”
The man stopped moving, his eyes locked on Zacharia, tears starting to form. Zacharia just nodded and picked up the package of zip ties and the gun, walking over to the side of the bed the man had scrambled to.
“Arms out front…” Zacharia said. After a moment the man didn’t comply. “Do as I say, or you will die.” His arms sprung forward. Zacharia put the pack to his mouth and gently pulled the zip tie out of it using his teeth. He tossed the package aside and slowly wrapped the tie around the man’s wrists.
“Alright.” He pushes the man back down onto the bed. “This won’t take long.” Zacharia laid down the gun and walks over to pick up the small engraved box. He runs his thumb along the crack along the side. With a gentle push the box opened, exposing scalpels of varying sizes. He pulls one of the larger ones out, stopping at the feet of the man.
He looked at the man, twirling the scalpel between his fingers. “I’m sorry I can’t make this quick.” With a sift movement he slams the scalpel into the man’s leg above his ankle. A muffled pained cry came from the man. “But…” Zacharia pulled another scalpel out and slammed it into the other leg. “You don’t deserve that luxury.” The man laid on the bed, tears streaming down his face.
He sets the case down next to the immobilized man. “Now…Where to begin…” He slowly pulled a third scalpel from the case, and stared at the man. “Well, first…” He grabbed the bottom of the man’s shirt, and ran the blade along it, flicking it up as it got to the collar, slicing into the man’s chin. “Sorry…” Zacharia said, not really caring about the wound, as he tore away the shirt.
“So…Shall we begin?” He leaned over the man and held the steel instrument like a pen. “We’ll begin with…” he made three quick slashes, forming an ‘B’ on the man’s chest, “Bethany.” Zacharia slowly cut into the man’s flesh, forming out the name, talking. “You know what happened to her? Ran away from home at age sixteen. Went to jail three times before she was twenty. Killed last week by her pimp.” He looked up from the shallow wounds forming her name. “Ten years after you had your fun with her…”
Zacharia looked over the man’s body. “Then there was…” He again made three quick slashes on the man’s stomach, making a ‘Z’. He laughs softly to himself. “I always wanted to do that…” he looked back at the man. “Zoe.” He repeated the process as before, talking slowly. “The police accused her father, and he went to jail. She currently resides in a mental institution.” He let the blade travel a little longer and deeper at the end of the ‘e’. “She is seventeen, eight years after she knew you…”
Zacharia looked at the scalpel and gently wiped the blood off of it with his shirt. “Just one more…And I know you remember her.” He moved the scalpel to the man’s inner thigh. Carefully, and deeply, he started to carve the letters into his skin. First a ‘J’, than an ‘e’. “Jessica…” he said softly. “You killed her…And her mother killed herself.” He felt his hand tighten on the tool. “You bastard.” He cried and slammed the blade down onto the man’s crotch, unsure of where exactly where it landed, but heard a new louder cry of pain from the man.
His hand trembled as he let go of the scalpel imbedded in the man. “I-I’m sorry…” He said, slowing his breathing down. “I lost my cool.” Zacharia looked at his own watch. “It’s getting late…” he said, reaching down and pulling out the scalpels from his legs. He picked up the gun and pointed it at the man, seeing the fear in his eyes. Zacharia pulls the trigger. The man cries out as the gun gives out a soft click. “It’s not loaded…” He laughs softly and walks over to his case, looking down at the man. “I’d suggest getting those wounds looked at, some of them look pretty serious.” He took one of the bloody scalpels and slashed it across the man’s throat, cutting deep.
He puts away his things and closes the case. “Goodbye…” he says softly and leaves the man bleeding to death.

Zacharia reached the front door and saw a blonde haired woman standing in it’s opening. He slowed his steps, looking her over quickly. She wore blue jeans an a white shirt. She smiled at him.
“How did it go?” she asked.
He stopped. “Did you drug him Janice?”
“No…” she said, stepping outside. “He’s just a heavy sleeper.”
Zacharia shook his head, following her. “I’m not sure he even understand what was going on, only felt the pain…”
Janice stopped and turned to look at him. “Isn’t that the point?”
“No…” he stepped passed her, walking to the sidewalk. “This is justice, they must know their sins.”
“Good.” She laughed softly, following him. “Now, go home, get some rest.”

The next day came and Zacharia sat at the edge of his bed, in the small one bedroom apartment, staring at his left inner forearm. The radio was on, and playing some inane pointless soft rock. He gently picked up the scalpel beside him and carved a random design into the skin, before filling it with the name Joseph Harper. He stared down at the blood covered skin.
“That’s pretty sick.” A voice from the behind him on the bed.
He looked over his shoulder at Janice. “That doesn’t matter…”
She sighed and sat herself up. “You’re doing the right thing.”
Zacharia looks down at his arm. “I know…”
The radio started to crack with the top of the hour news update. “Hospital director Joseph Harper was found dead in his home. Witness reports have a man leaving her home about four in the morning. Police are keeping a lot of details under wraps, but sources say they have a suspect.”
Zacharia looked back at Janice. “Do you think they know?”
Janice shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.” She smiled. “You won’t be caught.”
Someone knocked at his front door. He walked over and opened the door, seeing a woman, in her early thirties, on the other side. “Hello, ma’am.”
“Are you Zacharia Kirkland?”
“I am…” He frowned. He didn’t recognize the woman as a tenant.
“Is something wrong?”
“Have you been in contact with a Mr. Joseph Harper?”
“Yes…He had a job opening at his hospital…”
“Did you go see him last night?” She asked.
“Look, who are you? What is this about?” Zacharia felt his fists clench.
“I am Detective Andrea Daveys. Mr. Harper was killed in his home last night.”
Zacharia’s hand tightened on the cheap wooden door.
“Where you at Mr. Harper’s residence last night?” She asked again
“No…” He said.
“You were a surgeon, weren’t you?” She asked.
“I was. What does that have to do with anything?”
“Your daughter, her name was Jessica, correct?”
His felt his finger nails dig into his palm. “What is this about?”
She smiled softly. “Just checking on a few facts.” She bowed her head slightly. “I’ll leave you be for now.” He watched her walk away from the door. Zacharia slammed the door shut, making the room shake.
He turned his head to see Janice in the doorway. She frowned. “She knows…”
Zacharia nodded.
“She’ll need to be taken care of.”
“I can’t.” He said.
“It has to be done.”
“She’s not a bad person…” He stood, staring over the empty room.
Janice grabbed his shoulder, turning him to her. “Look, I know what I’m talking about. Who told you how to kill the lawyer, and make it look like a surgical accident?”
“You did…”
“That’s right, you’ve got to trust me. I know what is best.”
Zacharia didn’t say anything, he just looked to the ground.
“Think of it this way. She’s stopping you from getting the bad men. That makes her a bad person.”
“I…I…guess…” He said.
“You guess? It’s true. She’s stopping you from doing the right thing.”
“You’re right…”
“Good…Now, you’re going to have to do everything I say, understand.”
He nodded and looked up at her. “Yes.”

Andrea sighed, walking across the vacant parking lot of the police station. It was well passed midnight, she had spent most of her time doing research on her case. She reached her car and stuck her hands into her pockets for her keys.
“Miss Daveys…” a voice came from behind her.
She spun around and saw Zacharia standing about a dozen feet behind her. “Mr. Kirkland.”
“You shouldn’t have come looking for me…” he said softly.
It was then she noticed the gun in his hand. “Oh lord…” she felt like kicking herself for forgetting her side-arm at her desk. “Now…calm down…” she said.
“He was a bad man…” Zacharia said, taking a step forward. “He deserved what he got.”
“I know…” she said. “I read the case file…He killed her daughter and went to trail.”
“He got off!” He cried. “The bastard lawyer of his got him off!”
She stared at him as he started to laugh softly.
“But the lawyer got what was coming to him. It was lucky me. Half a year after the trail, he was under my knife, under my will.” He laughed.
“You killed him…” she said.
Zacharia laughed. “I did! And dozens more. One after another. One bad man after another. Each came under my knife.”
“That’s why you were discharged a year ago…”
“No!” He laughed even harder. “They felt bad for me. They thought I had the worst luck in the world, after the death of my daughter, my wife, and then having so many patients go south. They never thought I killed them.”
Andrea stood and nodded slightly. “I understand…” she said.
He took another step forward. “You can’t possible understand!”
She didn’t respond.
He started to cry. “Why did you have to come…”
“I…” she said softly, watching him.
“Why…Why…Why…” he said, tears now obscuring his vision.
“Zacharia, put the gun down. Is this what Janice would want?”
“Shut UP! You aren’t my WIFE!” He cried, putting his hands to his temples, as if trying to block something out.
“I never said I-”
“You aren’t her! She wouldn’t have me do this.”
“I don’t understand.” She said, watching Zacharia.
“Stop YELLING! Why don’t you just leave me alone!”
“I can’t do it…” he said, tears streaming down his face. “I can’t kill her. She’s not a bad person…”
“Mr. Kirkland.”
“Stay back!” he yelled, waving his hand that held the gun. “Stay back!”
“Okay…” she said, backing a few steps away.
“Please just leave me alone!”
“I can’t do that.” Andrea said.
Zacharia laughed. “Ha…I get it…” He gently pressed the barrel of the gun to his temple. “You’ll never leave…never…”
“NO!” Andrea cried, leaping forward.
A shot fired.
Zacharia fell to the ground, a gentle stream of blood coming from the hole in the side of his head. “Oh My God.” She dropped to her knees, felt his wrist in a vain attempt to find life. “No…No…No…” Andrea kneeled over the dead man, unable to save a life.

October 21, 2008

Cheers and Smears

For all who gather round, I've got a story about Birth Certificates, and Citizenship.

A few people may have told you that Barack Obama isn't a citizen, we won't release his Birth Certificate, or even some of the more lovely ones, that he BC was made 4 days after his birth (number could be a little off).
Reasons not to believe it:
1.) These are the same assholes that send you that Obama is a Muslim, despite growing up atheist and joining a christian church later in life. They also say the weird shit like Obama is the anti-christ, which is false becuase if he was, NO ONE would accuse him of being the Anti-christ. That and It would be part of gods plan and the holy order and who the fuck are all you people to go against the holy order

2.) He has reliesed his BC (I am not gonna type it out every time, I have problems spelling). It's been verified, get over it.

3.) If he wasn't a naturalized citizen, he wouldn't be allowed to run. the FBI, Secret Service, even the CIA would know by now, and run him out of the race. Unless you think the FBI, Secret Service, and the CIA are in the bag for Obama?

4.) Obama is not going to Hawaii to visit an ill mother, and it will take time for say...preperation to Hawaii, like Secret Serivce to go and lock the place down. And if you've ever flown before, you know it takes 6-8 hours to get across the country, image how long to fly half way across the pacific.

5.) McCain could also be techinically not allowed to run either, being born in the Panama Canal Zone three years before it was made into a place where if you were born there you were a citizen. I don't see anyone crying out for his head. I'm not crying out for his head. So what the hell.

P.S. Obama. Is. Not. A. Muslim.
P.P.S. Obama. Is. Not. The. Anti-Christ.
P.P.P.S. Obama. Will. Not. Enslave. White. People.
P.P.P.P.S. Obama. Did. Not. Say. "Where. The. White. Women. At?".

Pop Quiz #2

Hello, and welcome again to this poptastic quiz. Where we test your knowledge...and lack of life, of what has happened in this blog...along with some weird trivia that you just can't find any where else.

So, with out futher ado (heh...ado) I present to you my second Quiz.

1.) Name a Random Nut? (remember the pun...)

2.) Name a Senator from the State where the College I visited is in. (Not as hard as you may think)

3.) What Twilight Zone episode went with my rant?

4.) Who is the "idiotic brainless whelp"?

Only four this week...well, that's an improvement over last week, but I will defiantly be getting more next week, when I have more stuff during the week, than three posts about not having time to post stuff. And remember, winner gets a cookie.
Oh, and please answer the poll.

October 20, 2008


This is a serious subject, something that we should all be paying attention too.

Now the original McCarthyism was started by Senator Joseph McCarthy, in the late 40's early 50's, during the high point of the "Red Scare". McCarthy would accuse people of being communist sympathizers, often destroying people's lives, and leaving some unable to work because of black lists, the most famous of course was the Hollywood Blacklist, which left many writers out of work.

So, where am i going with this? well A truly reprehensable congressman Michelle Bachmann over the weekend called for the media to do an indepth probe looking into "Un-American" people in congress. Why is this bad? Well, for the same reason McCarthyism was bad. It's Bullshit. It creates an environment of fear. For a real good look at what that would do, watch the classic Twillight Zone episode, "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street". (I really would reccomend watching Twillight Zone period, the original series, with Rod Serling)

Back to Bachmann. We have a woman in congress who wants to start a witch hunt. Accuse anyone and everyone who disagrees with her views as being a "witch" and basically "remove" them. This isn't what America should be, and by her very actions, she is the only one in Congress that would be "Un-American".

Warning, next few sentences are full of filth: Personal note, as part of blogger concete that Congresswoman Bachmann may actually read this...Fuck you. Stop spewing your hateful shit. It's unbecoming of an American, and especially of an American with power. Take your shit and go home you idiotic brainless whelp who will say or do anything to make yourself known.

On that note, I am going to make my only political endorsement on this blog. Please, Minnesota, Elect Elwyn Tinklenberg. I'll be honest, I don't know jack about Tinklenberg, but I refuse to allow anyone with the idiocy, and clear McCarthyism clone BS coming from her mouth, to be stay as a Congressman.

Please excuse the seriousness of this blog, but this is an important topic near and dear to my heart. I'll post what I was planning on posting later today. Trust me, It's much more light hearted, and fun.

October 19, 2008


Long two days I've hard...Long...LONG two days.

Sorry for not posting Saturday, but I was away from a computer. (well not really, just away from the available time.

I went out to *beep* to visit a wonderful semi-technical school called UAT (Univeristy of Advancing Technology)

It was my first time flying, so it was a little freaky. But I'm back alive, and I enjoyed the school very much.

I'll probably gush about it more later, but I'm a little off today, so I'll make this short. Love all my loyal fans.