December 23, 2008

Rick Warren

I should warn you that this is all over the place, so forgive me. I'm not apologizing for anything Warren has done, or will do, but I've always been int he firm belief that understanding and accepting your opponents for who the are the bad...and GOOD.

Warren doesn't view it as Civil Rights. That ever occur to anyone here? That in is his own head he believes he is doing the right thing? Because of the way he's been fucked over in life? by the way he was warped as a child? Or because he opposes something you support he must be evil and against doing the right thing. People like Warren, and Bush, and Palin are people who think they are doing the right thing, because in their own twisted world they are. Their world is not twisted voluntarily i should remind you, but by their family, their generation, their environment. And to not understand that Warren may be doing something assholic, he has a reason behind what he's done, and that reason is rooted in century old beliefs. He isn't going to change, because he can't change.

It's impossible to change a persons world view. He has been brought up and bred into believing that Homosexuality is a sin, and really in his mind he believes he's trying to save those sinners. Is he right or wrong, no one can ever truly say because it isn't something knowable.

If we stand here and get on a soap box and decry others for not doing as we do, without ever understanding the other side, or why they may think that way, then we are no better.

We are all different people, and there is one very clear thing you all should remember, without evil there is no good. Because as a society if we were all monochrome there would be no society, just drones, robots. There is good in everything and everyone. Good comes from evil, just as evil comes from good. And to deny the good that has come from this evil, is to deny good as a whole.