February 19, 2009

Fan Boys

It may not surprise some of you that I am a geek. I spend my time playing video games, watching TV and movies, writing random pointless things on blogs like people actually want to read it, and of course, roaming internet sites, and talking with millions of anonymous people about B.S.

And through my travels as an internet watcher, I’ve found something called Fan Boys. Now true girls do fall into this category, but frankly, guys out number them 1 out of 10. And as I watched these Fan Boys, I’ve come to identify two sub groups. The Apologetics, and The Haters.

The Apologetics are Fan Boys so blinded by the Fanaticism of something they can’t see its faults. This usually leads to long reaching convoluted explanations about why someone has done this, or why this had to happen and not that. They’re also very angry, of course, so are The Haters, but I’ll get to that in a moment. They often will attack Apologetics of something they deem inferior(anything that they aren’t Fanatic about). Mean hateful things will be said, and often times Apologetics will apply the same twisted logic to support their product and trying to demean their opponents.

The Haters. A much more complex Fan Boy subgroup. Can easily be confused for Apologetics, for their extreme anger, and just as weird logic. Most of the time though their anger is directed to the thing the often claim to love, and in the past have shown affection for. Often The Haters will have far to high expectations of a product, and whenever it fails to meet these expectations (Always), they crap all over it.

Of Course we know what to do about Fan Boys, right? We ignore them. There is no reasoning with a Fan Boy. They’re like Trolls, except they believe the B.S. they’re saying. And for your enjoyment, a list of known Fan Boys.

Known Fan Boys:

The Apologetics:
Sean Hannity
Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck
Joe Scarborough
Pat Buchannan
Bill O’Reilly
Lou Dobbs
Geraldo Rivera
Dennis Miller
Ann Coulter

The Haters:
Joe Lieberman