October 16, 2008

Random College

Okay, Okay, this is All I've got to say today...or the night before, hopefully you'll all see this and thank you.
I'm heading off for A college called UAT, look it up.
I'm leaving in the morning, So I'm posting this the night before.

Love all my loyal followers...All one of you. :rimshot:

Good night and good luck.
Alright, Alright, I'm here I'm here...don't leave, please.

I'm a little late this morning, usually I prepare something the night before, but i didn't this time, I'm sorry.

uh...uh...Shit, can't think of anything.

Look, I'm really in a different plain right now, I've got a lot of things to do and worry about, I'm sorry. I'm heading out to a college tomorrow morning, and well, i've got to pack, get my hair cut, shave.

October 14, 2008

Random Nuts

A Random look at Voter...er...Registration Fraud

For those who had money that within three days I'd crack and discuss politics, guess what, YOU WON! Here's your cookie.

Today's Edition will discuss the Voter...I mean Registration Fraud of ACORN. That weird Scary orginatizations that may or may not be some how funnelling votes for Obama.

I can talk about a LOT of things that are wrong about accusations against ACORN. But I'm going to stay non-partison and not even discuss ACORN Obama connection, cause no matter what I say, I'd be in the tank for either candidate.

A little background info about ACORN. It sucks. It's crazy. It's a weird group that has little orginization. What ACORN does is take poor people, low income, that kind of group and say, "Get 25 signatures, we'll give you 25 bucks." So, those working with ACORN go out and get people to sign up...again and again...and again. Committing REGISTRATION Fraud. Note that, Registration, not Voter. Two entirely different things, though both obviously illegal.

ACORN doesn't have enough resources to commit Voter fraud, it barely has the resourses to track it's people going out and getting registrants, to keep fraud to a minimum. If you honestly think an inept group of people can pull of a massive Voter Fraud, you've been reading to many internet...blogs...Uh...D'OH.

Hm...That aside, ACORN did commit Fraud, not Voter Fraud, but Fraud. So don't worry you on the right, it's not the left trying to steal the election. And you on the Left, get your bloody act together, christ, this is really an embarassment.

That's all for Random Nuts. Come back next time for new Nuts.

Oh! P.S.

Yesterday's winners...well Raine (I do believe that's you, if not, come forward with a name next time) and mfhadley...Even though both cheated. GoodLuck next week.

October 13, 2008

Pop Quiz #1

Welcome to Random's first ever Pop Quiz.

That's right, every Tuesday I will be posting a Pop Quiz that will require not only you to read more than the first line of the blog, but also some basic understanding of the world around you. As well, please type the answer in your comment response, and whoever gets the highest grade will get props in my Wednesday (or Thursday, if things don't work the way i hope) blog, along with a cookie.

Three Questions this Week.

Question #1
What is the one and only blog this blog links to?

Question #2
Name the character I have chosen as my profile avatar...thing?

Question #3
What is the square root of 178929? (No calculators!)

Thank you.
Tune in next week and see If i have even more inane questions to ask of you.

Now that i think of it, if i say when the quizzes come, they really aren't Pop, are they...Eh...Screw it, Pop Quiz it stays.

Monday the 13th

I'm going to make it a personal mission to post a blog post every day, so when something does happen, I will actually post it instead of keeping it to myself. I suppose that'll mean I'll be copying my stories over here and saving them as drafts and releasing them incase of emergancies.

I suppose I could talk about politics, but i won't. Not that I don't like it, but I'd prefer to keep that kind of crap out of my complete and utter crap blog. This is my home to say all the random bullshit stuff I've found.

Oh, within the next few days I'll be posting the websites I go to often. Though...maybe not. Hm...Well, it's been a pleasure typing this, so try to read the entire thing, take note. This will be on the quiz, yes there will be a quiz. Good, Class dismissed.