January 28, 2009

Words that Suck

Well, okay, phrases that suck. This is one of those tired lists of random shit that everyone stopped caring about the moment they got annoying. Which surprisingly is just about immediately after they are uttered. This is a growing list...so I'll probably post it again, or make a widgetie thing...maybe...Of course I will provide why they suck...and why anyone who utters them should be thrown out.

"Big (blank)" - Insert huge amorphous being here. Anything from Big Oil, to Big Banks, to Big Three, to Big Science (Ohhh yes I have seen that uttered). If you have to call it big, then you're most likely retarded. You've bestowed way to much power upon these entities and have proven to us all you have no idea what you're talking about, or even what is going on in the real world.

"Drinking the Kool-aid" - This phrase really makes no sense. Two ways this comes in. One referring to the mass suicide in Jonestown, the other referring to the Merry Pranksters, which handed out LCD laced Kool-aid. I challenge you to figure out which this is referring to, because I sure as hell don't. That in and of itself is reason why this phrase should never be thought again, it gets even better.
It is used as a blanket retort against an opposition. Instead of creating viable arguments, that can be discussed, one side calls the other "Kool-aid drinkers", essentially dismissing them as wide-eyed fanatics, and walks away. If your side is reduced to calling the other side wide-eyed fanatics, you probably should be looking in a mirror.

Obama words - I like our president I do. But Obamacans(cins?), Republicans supporting Obama, was a stupid thing to say, or even come up with. I'd let that slide, and just be happy. but now...jesus. Obamabots, Nobama, Obamassiah...Frankly it's stupid. Yes we are all proud that you can make someone's name into something else and be slightly clever. Yay. But this has gotten out of hand. It's stupid. Stop it. NO ONE CARES! Okay...so I have no reason to outlaw this...I just hate it.

Lists - Okay...not words, but collection of words/phrases. Why does everyone think we care about the top ten this or that. And I know the hypocrisy of what I'm doing, and I don't give a crap. I'm a hypocrite...so sue me. But that's not the point. Lists are showing up all over the place. top ten things to bring to a party. top ten things you shouldn't do at a party. top ten things you should serve at a party. Next it'll be top ten ways to kill a man and not get caught.

That's all I've really got at the moment..I'm a little drunk...HUNGOVER...and can't think straight. But please, do feel free to post other words or phrases that should never be uttered again


51st Ward Precinct Captain said...

Add "thrown under the bus" to that infernal pile.

Just what in Hell is that insipid phrase meant to connote, exactly --or even approximately? For purposes of conveying maximum metaphorical impact, what kind of bus are we to presume --coach? Municipal? School? The one in which the Merry Pranksters rode? Or maybe we're supposed to think instead of a toy bus --you know, an irony thing, as in "drowned in a glass of water."

Is it a cinematic or literary reference of some kind? If the former, would I be correct in suspecting that somehow Joe Pesci was involved?

Whoever said it first either should step forward or be found out and thrown unceremoniously...well, you know.

Random said...

Truly a fitting addition to the list. Thank you good sir.