February 13, 2009

In a way...this is bull****

Since in general I've lot all but a passing interest in the government, and how it works, and of course, who's nailing which intern in which broom closet.
But even I in my total lack of giving a damn have noticed this weird coalition of the willing...to do nothing.
A majority of Republicans (all except three) have decided their time is better spent jacking each other off than actually getting work done. Each continues to pontificate on national television saying how wrong the bill is. How there isn't enough this and too much of that. One even found away of being a hypocrite in a single sentence, saying that there is too much spending in the bill, and saying that they should have kept his amendment which would "enhance" the military budget. Now, he's not an idiot, he was smart enough to use "enhance" to mean, "give it more money".
Of course you also have people yelling "SPENDING BILL" and the president has said, "Well, duh." And since there is almost no shame attached to it with the president, why do they keep screaming it? because they think the people of the country don't know the difference and just get pissing over "SPENDING!"
And there's more! Several Senators, even a really old one, has said that the president has refused to be bi-partisan on the bill. Now...What are they smoking, and where can I get some? The president has gone to visit them several times, invited them over to the white house several times. He has tried to have the billed changed to appease them. So...who doesn't call that bi-partisan? Political posturing ***wipes who want to control everything.
Deep breath...There's still more.
Recent random bull**** thing they're saying is that the president doesn't support the bill because....wait for it...he didn't author the bill himself. HA HA! well it's true, he didn't author the bill. And good for him, cause if he did, the bill would be illegal, and he could get thrown out of office for it. See, fun fact about our government, the president doesn't write bills, or laws. Congress does. So this non-point of el Presidente not writing the bill is well...a non-point.

In a way, this is all just bull****. of course, in many ways it is. Infact, in all ways it's Bull.

So what should you do? Well, I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm just here to bitch.

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